Main Voters is a new independent political action committee that promotes mainstream ideas, values, candidates, and elected officials.

Our Mission:
Main Voters will push back against extremism and the polarizing politics of today. Main Voters promotes mainstream leaders who value country ahead of party, results ahead of ideology, and public service ahead of partisan pandering.

Why Main Voters:
In the current political climate many elected representatives are beholden to the extreme partisans of their polarized base and do not represent the majority of voters or citizens. They use issues meant to divide rather than unite. Main Voters will back independent-minded leaders and oppose extremists by engaging citizens to fight back against radical ideologues. In an era when candidates on the fringes are able to attract millions of dollars, independent and moderate-minded candidates need help. That’s where Main Voters comes in.

Paid for by Main Voters,, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.